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Tim Doyle is an illustrator and print-maker working out of Austin, Texas. Growing up in the suburban sprawl of the Dallas area, he turned inward and sullen, only finding  joy in comic-books and television and video games.

Moving to Austin, Texas in 1999 to fulfill a life-long dream of not living in Dallas, Doyle begun painting and showing in galleries in 2001. He self-published a diary zine, ‘Amazing Adult Fantasy’ from 2001-2003.  Doyle has held many nerd-friendly jobs, including running a small chain of comic-book stores, as well as being the art director/ lead designer for MONDO from 2004-2009.

Doyle left ‘jobs’ behind and launched his own company- Nakatomi Inc in January of 2009. In the Summer of 2009, Tim Doyle along with artist Clint Wilson built their own screen printing studio, Nakatomi Print Labs, in which they and other artists work out of, as well as do commercial printing for outside clients.

Since then, he has produced art for companies such as Creature Design, The Astor Theatre, ABC’s Lost Poster project, Mattel’s He-Man art show in LA, has had artwork used by ILM, Hasbro, IDW, and has generally been insanely busy.  Oh- he also art directed a poster series for the band FAILURE’s 20th anniversary tour, did all the poster art for one of George Strait’s retirement tours, as well as for Lady Antebellum. Doyle has had 4 sold-out solo art shows at Spoke Art, which featured his UnReal Estate Series of prints.

Doyle also provided all the visuals and character, alien, and vehicle design for the adaptation of the play The Intergalactic Nemesis into a comic book/ performance Trans-media thing, which debuted as a live-action graphic novel at the Long Center for the Performing arts on Labor Day 2010.  The play has been touring the world continuously since 2011, and was featured on the Conan O’Brien show.

Doyle lives and works in Austin along with his wife and two children, and an indeterminate amount of cats.  If you’d like a cat, swing on by, no questions asked.