Bryce Wymer - "Shady Pines"
Bryce Wymer - "Shady Pines" Bryce Wymer - "Shady Pines" Bryce Wymer - "Shady Pines"

Bryce Wymer - "Shady Pines"

graphite, India Ink, acrylic, gouache, and white gel pen on Moleskine

11" x 8.25" (custom framed)


From the artist:

Shady Pine's prison Warden Jack Showmaker was beside himself with anger last Saturday when he discovered that two of his most ruthless inmates had escaped his powerful grasp. To avoid discovery of their absence during routine bed checks, Morris and Tiny Whitfield had crafted realistic dummy heads from supplies in the prison wood shop.

With towels and clothing piled under the blankets in their bunks and the dummy heads positioned on the pillows, they appeared to be indeed sleeping peacefully. In reality Morris and Tiny were already tearing down the interstate at 120 mph in a 1976 Chevy Impala they had stolen from the Warden.

This work was created for the Fifth Annual Moleskine exhibit, on view at Spoke Art, April 7 - 23, 2016.

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