Chuck Sperry - "Maia"


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Chuck Sperry


23 x 32

Edition of 150

7 colors on cream paper

Signed and Numbered


One per household, no exceptions.

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The Fine Print  (IMPORTANT!)

1) We will not honor any sales made to collectors whose billing or mailing addresses are based in Southern California (LA, San Diego, etc.) While it was great meeting ya'll in person at the LA Art Show, we need to ensure that Chuck's collectors around the world get an opportunity to purchase his work, so will not honor any purchases from SoCal collectors on this release.

2) Any collectors found to "flip" Chuck's prints will be removed from his waiting list, and will be black listed from future sales. While we understand that tastes change, that collectors often "upgrade" their collections etc, we do not permit the immediate resale of Chuck's work.

3) While we love hearing from our fans, we politely ask that you keep correspondence limited only to important issues. Collectors who frequently contact us asking for hook ups, complaining that they missed out on a release, or hit us up with sob stories will eventually be removed from this list. Please understand that unnecessary correspondence only slows down our ability to get Chuck's work shipped out, so we politely request that you please do not email us unless it is important.

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