Juxtapoz #148


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Juxtapoz Magazine #148 May 2013. "Features Kenny Scharf on the cover. Kenny's show at Paul Kasmin Gallery comes into our focus, as well as Garcia's exhibition at the Disney Family Museum. The issue rounded out by conversations with Spencer Tunick, ROA, Charlie Roberts, Oriol Angrill Jorda, Kazuki Takamatsu, Fulvio di Piazza, Odd Nerdrum, Thomas Campbell, Mark Ryden, and Bill Daniel." For the August 2012 issue, Denver gallerist David B Smith sits down with Hecox just as his solo show, Dark Island, opened at NYC's Joshua Liner Gallery. Hecox discusses the unique process of his work; the documentation via his own photography, the research for archival materials, and the illustration process that goes into the completed piece. It is an interview for those who love a discussion of methodology, who love to understand the time and energy it takes to make significant and meaningful bodies of work. An interview not to miss. August also includes the fantastic works of Japanese artist Misaki Kawai, the tintype photographs of up-and-coming Southern California based Noah Doely, the murals and installations of Spain-based fine artist REMED, the beautiful "little flaws" of Cleveland's Cathie Bleck, and the pop-culture riffs of self-proclaimed TV Baby, Robert Bowen. We also capture the life and times of Boston-based stencil and fine artist, Kenji Nakayama, just as the artist celebrates his brilliant solo exhibition at NYC's Woodward Gallery this past Summer. And we get up-close and personal with former body building couple and fantasy/erotic painters, Boris Vallejo and Julie Bell. You may remember Mr Vallejo for his iconic National Lampoon's poster from the 1980s... yes, it is that good.

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