Juxtapoz #199


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AUGUST 2017 #199

As much as street art has grown to such an international phenomenon, shared and passed around our viral universe like celebrity gossip, sometimes you just need to sit and see someone like Fintan Magee in action to just really grasp how far we have come. That is why the Australian-born artist made for the perfect cover subject for the August 2017 issue; an artist changing the way we look at muralism and the way we look at social realism in the 21st Century. 

Also featured in the August 2017 issue:
—We talk about a love of cats and shapes with Morgan Blair
—Anna Valdez shows us some perfect still-life paintings
—Nathaniel Mary Quinn moves into the blue chip realm
—Beau Stanton reconstructs the past ... 
—... while Baer reimagines the psychedelic experience
—Speaking of psychedelics, we look at Pink Floyd's retrospective in London
—Mike Mandel reminds us that there were good times in the 1970s
—Yves Saint Laurent's legacy remains the radical perfection
—We take a look at a group of Young Russian Painters...
—... and we go in-depth at the bustling art scene in Las Vegas
—Jimmy Mezei designs make you dive in... 

—... and we take one last look at "What In the World: The Juxtapoz Edition" at Urban Nation in Berlin.

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