Juxtapoz #201


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OCTOBER 2017 #201

Some people will look at the cover of our October 2017 issue and think they have found a Halloween costume. That's fine, to each their own. We look at the October 2017 cover and see a rising star in the art world, the work of London-based Polly Nor. Polly has had an exceptional year, bookended already by her brilliant solo show in London this summer, "It's Art, Mum, Look It Up." Through drawings and now installation works, Polly is our artist-of-the-moment, making relevant, poignant and accessible messages that capture the moment we live in. 

Also in the October 2017 issue: 

—We sit down with Jimi Hendrix's sister to discuss the legacy of her brother's love of music and art
—Robert Williams tells tales of his newest paintings
—Hyuro's remarkable murals come into focus, from Spain to Oregon
—Iceland's Katrin Fridriks re-examines the act of performative painting
—Nat Meade emboldens the lonely figure
—Martyn Reed on the need for a new street art revolution
—Lucy Kim breaks the mold in her newest sculpture work
—Mike Shine takes over Austin, Texas
—Jacob Lawrence is honored at SCAD
—Miriam Klein Stahl is a radical designer
—Sergej Vutuc takes skate and street photography to unseen possibilities ... 

.... and we look at legendary authors and the clothes they wore....

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