This week we said goodbye to rock-pop icon David Bowie. In memory of his legendary career and wide-reaching artistic impact, we've compiled a list of our favorite Bowie inspired works that have graced the walls of Spoke Art over the past few years.




First up we have Andrew Spear's "Aladdin Sue-Sain Zissou" This limited edition print was apart of our annual Wes Anderson exhibition and portrays Sue Jorge, a Brazillian singer who covers some of Bowie's most famous songs in the acclaimed film, The Life Aquatic with Steve Zissou. 




Commissioned by the historic Castro Theatre in San Francisco to promote a screening of the 1986 classic "The Labyrinth" This print was created by Max Dalton and features Bowie dead center as the mysterious and musical Jareth the Goblin King.



"Ziggy's Dream" by Matt Ritchie - an original painting created exclusively for our annual Wes Anderson exhibition. In Bowie's dreams, he's apart of the Zissou Team, Adidas and all! 



It's a common belief that Bowie descended from the stars as an other-worldly creature, not unlike an alien. Gallery artist Serge Gay Jr. visualizes his extraterrestrial holiness in this amazing painting appropriately titled "Mars"



Last but not least we have Paul Aisnworth's badass Zissou-Bowie mashup - "One Foot Off the Merry-Go-Round" Lest us not forget Bowie was arrested in 1976 for smoking those funny cigarettes not unlike our favorite protagonist, Mr. Steve Zissou. 


RIP David Bowie, you will be missed.