Opening night photos from the Fifth Annual Moleskine V Exhibition and book signing of TMP: Volume One.

Co-curated by Rod Luff and Ken Harman. On view April 7 - 23, 2016.  

View more on our Flickr page here. All photos courtesy of Shaun Roberts.

Jessica Hess and Joel Daniel Phillips

Rod Luff and Adam Caldwell

Zachary Oldenkamp and Kim Cogan

Assistant Gallery Director Jessica Ross and Zachary Oldenkamp

From Left to Right - Chrystal Chan, Kim Cogan, Cannon Dill, Jessica Ross, Jayde Fish, Joel Daniel Phillips, Ken Harman, Christian MacNevin, Ryan Malley, Rod Luff, Zachary Oldenkamp, Jessica Hess, Helice Wen, Greg Gandy, Hope Kroll, Matt Ritchie and Jeremy Mann.