Tim Doyle UnReal Estate

Good news, everyone! We've just received our first shipment of Tim Doyle's brand new UnReal Estate art book! This 150 page tome chronicles every design from the first three years of Tim's sold out exhibitions with us, along with some great essays, insights, and behind the scenes goodness.

Oh, and the version that we're selling at Spoke Art comes with an exclusive cover (pictured above) and is limited to only 250 copies!

Tim Doyle SimpsonsAs an added bonus we'll have a limited allocation of "Good News Everyone", "Amanda Hugginkiss" (seen above) and "The Big Salad" prints from Tim's recent (and insanely successful) Kickstarter campaign. These Kickstarter exclusives are signed, numbered and come in a massive size, measuring anywhere from 22" x 28" to 24" x 36" 

Tim Doyle

 To make this release even more special, we'll also be offering our first ever flat file sale! We're digging through our archives and will be surprising fans with incredibly rare 1st editions of sold out prints, these are our very last copies and your only chance to pick up one of the original sold out prints from years past.

The book, Kickstarter exclusives, and flat file sale begins Friday, May 20th at 10AM PST in our online store