This month Spoke Art, alongside our neighboring gallery space Hashimoto Contemporary, will be hosting a weekend pop-up event organized by Bay Area creative group Eggy Press.

“Friends Fair” presents a diverse gathering of local artists and makers, consisting of small multiples, installations, performances, readings, video screenings and more.

The event features — Cara Levine, Colpa Press, Dan Swindel, Emily Landry, Emily Tareila, Endless Canvas, Eva Gibeau, Graham Holoch, Haegan Crosby, Hanan Sharifa, James Sinclair, Kate Klingbeil,Ladybug House, Lorien Stern, Lower Grand Radio, Lukaza Branfman-Verissimo, Make. Do. Collective,Mark Jayson Quines, Matt Shapiro, Megan Cerminaro, Mitsu Okubo, Ry Allred, Sad Vicious, Sarah Bowser, Sarah Kim, Savannah Rusher, Tania Butterworth, Unity Press— among many others!

RSVP for the event here.