As you well know, we're big fans of Wes Anderson here at Spoke Art. The director has been a long time favorite of ours and the subject of our annual "Bad Dads" art exhibit for the past five years.

We've put together a handy Wes Anderson gift guide for those of you in the holiday spirit, so pick up something fun for someone you love - or for yourself!


1) Wes Anderson art print by Maria Suarez Inclan

This fun fine art print is the ultimate wall decoration for any Anderson fan. Limited to only 100 hand-numbered copies it's a unique find and once it's sold out it's gone forever, so pick one up while you can!

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2) The Wes Anderson Collection by Matt Zoller Seitz

Our friends over at Abrams Publishing have put together two amazing Wes Anderson books, each a must-have for any coffee table. Delve deep into the many interviews, behind the scenes pictures and inspiring insights. 

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Wes Anderson Viewmaster


3) Wes Anderson 3D Viewmaster by Max Dalton

Yes, this exists.

A throwback to analog fun, illustrator Max Dalton has created an awesome 3D Wes Anderson Viewmaster which includes a custom made viewer along with a limited edition 3D reel depicting classic moments from Anderson's films. We can't make stuff like this up!

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Wes Anderson t-shirt


4) "Sinking of the Belafonte" t-shirt by Isaac Bidwell

In addition to all the cool art and collectibles above, we also stock some amazing artist-designed t-shirts including this awesome Belafonte inspired one designed by artist Isaac Bidwell. 

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Casey Weldon Margot Tenenbaum


5) "Margot, Margot, Margot" original painting by Casey Weldon

For those of you looking for something truly unique or one-of-a-kind, check out our amazing selection of original paintings and sculptures designed by our roster of international artists. Ever wanted to own a four thousand dollar painting of Team Zissou? We've got you covered.

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Fantastic Mr. Fox buttons

6) Fantastic Mr. Fox buttons by Arthur's Plaid Pants

Cheap and cute, can't beat that! The good folks over at Arthur's Plaid Pants have made a whole gaggle of fun button sets inspired by Wes Anderson's films, check out the Fantastic Mr. Fox ones above, as well as the Margot and Ritchie set and Moonrise Kingdom set:

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Bill Murray print

7) Bill Murray art print by Kemi Mai

Framed Bill Murray print, need we say more?

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Margot and Ritchie Tote Bags


8) Margot and Ritchie tote bags

Now that you've got a bunch of cool gifts, how are you going to carry them all around? These Margot and Ritchie tote bags are perfect and practical!

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