We are so excited for our upcoming show with GATS, in what will be his first solo show with Spoke NYC, opening Saturday, June 3rd, 2017!  GATS (Graffiti Against the System) is an anonymous graffiti artist based in Oakland, CA. 

GATS' work is a direct response to tensions between citizens and law enforcement, using graffiti as a form of protest and give a voice to people who may not have one otherwise. He believes that graffiti is one of the last forms of free speech left because anyone can do it and there is no way of censoring it. 

He began painting the mask in the Middle East, deciding that the human face best represents a global identity without prejudices. Lettering can be found on the masks, spelling out names of people GATS respects or text paying homage to movements in history. 

The artist has no formal training, yet does not consider himself to be self taught. Rather, he considers himself to be a product of his community, learning from those around him throughout the years. 

His signature imagery and lettering has become increasingly elaborate over time and can be found in over ten countries throughout the world. He considers his studio work to be an extension of his street work, allowing him to work in different mediums that he may not be able to on the street. 

For more information on GATS or to be added to the pre-sale, please contact nyc@spoke-art.com. Additionally, feel free to RSVP on our event page HERE