We are so excited for our upcoming show with Polish artist BEZT (Etam Cru), in what will be his inaugural solo exhibition in NYC, opening Saturday, October 21st, curated by Los Angeles-based gallery, Thinkspace

Known primarily for large-scale murals painted with Sainer as part of the Etam Cru duo, BEZT's work is resistant to the ascription of excessively assigned meaning, preferring to allow the imagery to speak for itself. 

The word "Etam" is Polish and loosely translates to "whatever" or "I don't care" - rather than saying this in a dismissive tone, it is intended to be symbolic of the spirit of creative freedom. 

For more information on BEZT (Etam Cru), or to be added to the pre-sale please contact nyc@spoke-art.com. Additionally, feel free to RSVP on our Facebook event page HERE