"Vladimir Putin"


Spoke NYC is pleased to present Glamour Shots, Scott Scheidly's debut solo exhibition with Spoke NYC. Continuing his "pink series", Scheidly adorns controversial and pop culture figures in swathes of pink and purples, re-contextualizing them and challenging ideas of propaganda, power, strength, and machismo. Complimentary beverages will be served and the artist will be in attendance on opening night.  For more information on the opening reception check out the event page here

On view:
10.6.18 - 10.28.18

Opening Reception:
Saturday October 6th 6pm - 8pm 

210 Rivington Street
New York, NY 10002

To receive a full preview of the show, shoot as an email at NYC@spoke-art.com to be added to the collector preview list.
"Ruhollah Khomeini"
"Adolf Hitler"
"George W"