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Spoke Art is pleased to present Takoro Lives!!, a solo show featuring new limited edition prints from Peter Santa-Maria (aka ATTACK PETER) is a Miami-based illustrator and printmaker known for his hand-carved linoleum block prints featuring original monsters, kaiju and pop culture icons. His notably bold style is influenced by American traditional tattoo flash, artwork from Japanese and Thai historical periods, and Golden Age illustrators such as Jack Kirby.

Many of Peter’s prints feature his creation, the tentacled kaiju Takoro, and he has collaborated with brands such as Marvel, Toho, Nongshim Shin Noodle Soup and most recently, Mighty Jaxx for his latest designer toy Daruma. A printmaking expert with singular style, Peter has gained a dedicated fan following through his original designs, memorable collaborations and work across comics, games and much more. Santa-Maria is an in-house artist at Skybound Entertainment.