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Spoke Art is pleased to present “In My Own Time,” a solo exhibition of painting, sculpture and works on paper from local street artist Cannon Dill. Residing in the Bay for nearly 14 years, “In My Own Time” is an exploration into the artist’s own understanding of his surroundings and the ever-changing landscape of the Bay Area.

The exhibition title - “In My Own Time” is representative of the metamorphosis that Dill has undergone not only in his own career, but with his personal growth as well. Each stage in his own life is symbolized in his work through easily identifiable imagery. Iconography such as ticking clocks, clouds of smoke, entrapped spaces and fractured architecture all personify deeper meanings for Dill. The artist states “It’s all sort of literal symbology… everything I draw is something Im dealing with. The bricks play an important role in this show… painting them is insanely time consuming - so with that they represent time and patience. You’re building higher and reaching the top when you realize that they might not be stacked perfectly or drawn straight, its a human characteristic…we are not perfect even when we take the time to perfect something.”

Developing new styles all his own, Dill still remains immensely textural and line heavy as seen in his previous work. In this new series, he hones in with immense detail and a simplistic color palette that almost teeters on a print like aesthetic. Experimenting with depth and space, Dill portrays densely rendered architecture that lends itself well to themes of urbanizing gentrification that he and many other artists have been affected by in the recent years.

Whimsical creatures and anthropomorphic objects inhabit these condensed rooms as animated characters would in a book or comic strip. Elements of sculpture and installation based work will also play a large role in the exhibition, creating a dialogue between 2D and 3D. Drawing influences from folklore to vintage cable car ads, “In My Own Time” is a chimerical journey that gathers the collective experience of creatives across the Bay Area.