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Spoke Art gallery in San Francisco is pleased to present “Meow Brow” a new exhibition of original paintings by Seattle-based artist Casey Weldon.

For his second solo exhibition with us, represented artist Casey Weldon tackles a wide berth of overarching meta themes. Ranging from internal commentary on the state of contemporary culture to a satirical analysis of the internet in general, Weldon has deftly created a body of new acrylic paintings that humor and appall. 

Through his thematic commonality of quadruple eyed animals, Weldon intentionally disorients the viewing experience by juxtaposing a subject that is impulsively attractive yet eerily disturbing. With this subtle manipulation the viewer finds themselves drawn towards these subjects, yet can’t quite focus on them, akin in many ways to the eye fatigue experienced by countless hours on the internet, often fueled by the mindless addictive nature of social media. The choice of cats specifically as his subject matter continue on Weldon’s commentary of the internet/social media. The immense popularity of cat culture and viral cat memes is unavoidable in this day and age, a point made all too apparent by the pairing of Weldon’s exhibition with a Lil Bub art show just two doors down this month at Spoke Art. 

Entitled “Meow Brow”, a play on the controversial label know as “Low Brow” art, Weldon addresses the art establishment in general with a self awareness that displays the artist’s uncanny insightfulness and humor.

In summation, if you’re not a cat person, this may not be the exhibit for you. If you are, ignore the press release above, we’ll see you at the gallery this September, come by anytime.