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Spoke Art San Francisco is pleased to present Under the Marquee, a solo exhibition by acclaimed New York-based artist and illustrator David Welker. For his second solo show with the gallery, Welker has employed his signature style to continue the ongoing narrative held within the peculiar world of his work.

The dense ink drawings created for Under the Marquee explore nature blending with man-made architecture. Drawn to the theatre marquee as a beacon and gathering place, Welker’s abstracted lettering and signage figure prominently in the new body of work, though never (and intentionally) fully revealing the mystic message within.

The veiled narrative of David’s latest take the viewer on a psychedelic journey to castles by the sea, improbable anthropomorphized structures, tranquil landscapes, and beyond. Welker describes the brimming abstracted forms as “mutated theatrical marquees” that seem to shift and reveal themselves with each examination.