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"Helikon" - A solo show by Chuck Sperry (NYC) 
11.19.16 - 12.11.16
SPOKE NYC is pleased to present HELIKON, a new solo exhibition featuring the work of San Francisco based artist Chuck Sperry. Following his two wildly successful solo exhibitions in Los Angeles (2015) and San Francisco (2014), Sperry continues to expand his on-going Muses series with a new set of screen-printed editions on oak panel. In addition to these new works, a selection of rare gig posters from Sperry’s personal archive will be displayed, all custom-framed and fully archival, highlighting a comprehensive segment of rock poster history.

With nearly 20 years of experience in screen-printing under his belt, Sperry has re-defined the rock poster genre with his distinctive voice. Thousands of fans religiously follow his career as he’s created gig posters for The Who, Joan Jett, Pearl Jam, and The Black Keys, to name a few. Playing off the classical Greco-Roman idea of “muse”, being a source of inspiration for all things art and music. Sperry’s figures are emblematic of the energetic creative spirit represented in his work and the bands he showcases. Influenced by the psychedelic art nouveau style, Chuck has propelled the American rock poster genre to a new level of fine art status with his print work.

In addition to the gallery exhibition, Sperry’s new monograph “Helikon” a compendium of his work inspired by the spirit of the modern rock poster, graffiti, and the utopian ethos of 1960’s psychedelia, will also debut at this exhibition. Each image in the book is paired with the prose or poem — from Homer to Nick Cave — that inspired each. Over a dozen photos by Shaun Roberts gives the reader an intimate portrait of the artist at work. Forward by New York Times’ bestselling author, Charles Bock, Beautiful Children, Alice & Oliver (Random House), and Best of NYC Culture 2016, Village Voice.