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NOVEMBER 5 - 14, 2015

Spoke Art is pleased to present a new solo exhibition from San Francisco based artist Dennis Brown, aka Bagger 43 (a name he gave himself after being employed as a grocery bagger in high school). Entitled “Innate Flux,” the show is a varied display of ink on paper works combined with hand-made ceramics. Following a pop-up show last year, Bagger43 returns with new motifs and mediums, while staying true to his expressive style as a painter and illustrator.

As a collector of art himself, Bagger43 has accumulated a myriad of different cultural objects that often playfully influence his work. While he works, he surrounds himself with a well-articulated gallery of figurines, posters and collectibles that all have found a place in his home and studio. “Collecting naturally involves curating, cultivating a taste toward a subject/theme, research, and a bit of investment. All in which are parallel factors in the practice of the the art I create. My own collection of things are a source of reference, nostalgia, and inspiration which inform my art in some ways “ the artist states. Drawing influences from hip-hop music, comic books, retro design, graffiti and fashion, Bagger43’s paintings are a carefully composed realm of personal affects and ideas that seamlessly translate themselves visually onto paper.

Continuing his new series in his iconic eye-catching, bold style, “Innate Flux” is comprised of ink on paper works and painted/glazed ceramics. Bagger43’s unique free-flowing approach is matched only by his skills as an expert painter and illustrator. Impeccably clean and vibrant, his process-heavy work verges into graphic territory.

The artist also draws influences from his experience in Japan, where he was raised on an air force base as a child. Traditional Japanese culture occasionally creeps into his work, whether it be conscious or unconscious. His attention to pattern making, contrasted tonal composition and exceptional control over the brush is often seen in traditional Japanese calligraphy. Bagger43’s distinctive style echoes the past while maintaining a contemporary edge.

Please join us for “Innate Flux”, opening Thursday, November 5 with an evening reception from 6pm - 10pm where the artist will be in attendance. The exhibition will be on view through Saturday, November 14.