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Spoke Art and Hashimoto Contemporary are pleased to present Muses, a new solo exhibition featuring the work of San Francisco based print artist Chuck Sperry. Reigning over the gig poster scene for well over a decade, Chuck has pulled a plethora of ultra rarities from his archives and flat files. The show will be broken up into two parts, with a new body of work consisting of wood panels and paper editions at Spoke Art Gallery and an extensive retrospective on display just a few doors down at Hashimoto Contemporary.

After fifteen wildly successful years creating memorable gig posters and fine art work, Sperry ventures into this exhibition with momentous force. With a massive following of collectors and fans by his side, Chuck continues his on-going series of Muses, creating a new body of work that is as breathtaking as it is skillful. Playing off the classical greco-roman idea of “muse”, being a source of inspiration for all things art and music. Sperry’s figures are emblematic of the energetic creative spirit represented in his work and the bands he showcases. Influenced by the psychedelic art nouveau style, Chuck has propelled the American rock poster genre to a new level of fine art status with his print work. With impeccable precision, Sperry utilizes up to 9 color layers in his complex designs, the result is dazzling display of female figures enveloped in expressive patterns.

For his solo show at Spoke Art, Sperry will be presenting some of his most iconic images from his most famous gig posters on new oak panels. In addition to these revived classics, there will be one new paper edition print release, in congruence with the rest of the show. Just a few doors down at Hashimoto Contemporary, a sweeping museum-like display of Rock Poster history will be on view in the form of extremely rare gig posters from Chuck’s personal flat files, all custom-framed and fully archival.