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Spoke Art is pleased to present “Pale”, the debut U.S. solo exhibition by Barcelona-based artist Conrad Roset. For this month’s show, Roset brings his gestural and illustrative style to the gallery, filling the walls with new ink paintings from his latest exploration of the female form.

Known for his “Muses” series, Roset’s paintings demonstrate a careful eye for portraiture, as well as the artist’s knowledge of color through experimentation and deliberate, yet gentle mark-making. Roset’s exquisite contoured line drawings, paired with his luscious use of watercolors, often convey the tender emotions and tranquil mood of his muses. These weightless compositions explore sexuality through his contemporary nymphs, whom hold a similar divinity to the muses of antiquity.

“Pale” is a continuation of this ongoing series, and a masterful observation of the female frame. For this exhibition Roset has chosen to explore the curves of the body as minimal ink silhouettes. “Pale”is an examination of contrast, with bold opaque blacks and lighter, more refined touches of color. “The most important research for me,” explains Roset, “is about composition, and how I can show the outfits and gestures through simplified black shapes.” Roset commands the page with control over both the image’s negative space and it’s elegant female subjects.

Roset’s studies act as a considered exercise in defining which details of the figure are necessary to shape, and which parts can fade into the paper. There is a clear dialogue between the human form and subtle abstraction in Roset’s work; streaks of paint and splashes of color sometimes highlight the more sensitive parts of the human physique, and at other times veil the subject, adding a mystery to the muse and desire for more.

Please join us August 29th from 6pm -10pm for the opening reception of “Pale”. Complimentary beverages will be served and the artist will be in attendance.