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Spoke Art is proud to present the PRISMA Collective group show, debuting at Spoke Art Gallery. Following annual exhibitions in San Diego and Los Angeles, the PRISMA collective show embarks on its 3rd year tour, moving up the West Coast to land at our San Francisco gallery on February 7th. Consisting of many exhibiting artists who show with us regularly, this year’s PRISMA show is shaping up to be a dazzling display of fine art painting and illustration from an international roster.

PRISMA is an artist collective founded by Kaspian Shore in 2011 that brings together an eclectic group of renowned creatives from all around the globe—the United States, Canada, Australia, United Kingdom, the Netherlands, Germany, Ukraine, and Taiwan. Now entering their fourth year together, PRISMA has strived to compile not only a vast collection of artwork but also an insight into their personal careers and biographies in their first official publication, the PRISMA book, that will be released exclusively and in a first limited edition run at Spoke Art on February 7th.

The individual working processes of PRISMA's traditional and digital painters, collage artists, and sculptors have been documented step by step, from start to finish for this book, and the group also give in-depth answers to their most frequently asked questions from fans and followers. Many of the work in progress pieces documented for the book will be shown at the gallery as part of the 3rd Annual Group Show, giving the spectator the intimate experience of following the initial sketch to the final artwork on the wall.