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Spoke Art is thrilled to share Entanglement, a solo exhibition from Florida-based surrealist Scott Scheidly.

Taking inspiration from the world around us, Scheidly had this to say about his latest series: “The Entanglement paintings are surreal intertwined compositions of body, parts, animals, botany and pop culture. The series relates to quantum entanglement and the relationship between all things, that everything and everyone is connected.” A theory that we’ve all come to understand better during this pandemic. Scott continues, “The micro and macro cosmos. With this concept in mind the objective is to force the view to realize the beauty and relationship between all things.”

With his hyperrealistic attention to detail, Scheidly’s Entanglement collection will leave you captivated as you venture into a deeper understanding of self, connection and the elements within and outside of our bodies.

Learn more about the exhibition on our blog here.