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Spoke Art is pleased to present Soul Flower, a solo show featuring new works from San Francisco-based artist JP Neang. Comprised of a collection of new delicately detailed illustrations, Soul Flower is a whimsical exhibition examining the corruption of good things.

Neang's illustrations investigate the understanding of human capacity through intimate micro drawings, playful storytelling and Folklore. The fragility of her medium on a micro-scale allows one's feelings to naturally pipe themselves into a single pulse, furthering our connection to the significance of "the individual" as they visit her works.

The narrative threaded throughout the exhibition is told through the lens of an itty-bitty fictional character who JP has named Lucky Sleven. In this world, Sleven is seen challenging adversity by pursuing an unusual desire - the desire to oppose its entitled right as the corruptor of good things. By challenging this narrative the viewer can see the characters world come to life in small details, provoking emotions of loneliness, exploration and perseverance.

The illustrations depict macro and micro stages of Sleven’s evolution and the capacity to carry on through desires of windfall; to be found, to feel safe, and to know love. JP hopes these illustrations become cathartic to others, and perhaps, guide the viewer to feel the profound beauty of our own calamity.

11/6/21 -11/27/21