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Suggestivism: Resonance
group exhibition curated by Nathan Spoor

Spoke Art is pleased to present
Suggestivism: Resonance, a group show curated by Nathan Spoor. With over 50 artists from around the world participating in the exhibition, each piece brings a unique perspective and development to what it means to be a Suggestivist. Rendered in a variety of media, each artist has a distinct approach and style while maintaining commonality through painstaking details and phantasmagoric scenes.

Curator Nathan Spoor describes Suggestivism as an art movement, flowing from “the artist’s specific and unique vision, a psychological or even mystical manifestation brought into reality by an artist’s personal aesthetic... including a variety of vivid, original and technically obsessive individuals.” Each artist’s contribution to the exhibition creates a sense of tension in a dream-like moment constructed with familiar components, characters and objects that make them at once recognizable and also discombobulating.