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The Dark Side of the Rainbow - a solo show by Eelus
Opening Night Reception: Thursday, June 30th (6-10PM)
On View: June 30th - July 23rd, 2016
Spoke Art is pleased to present The Darkside of the Rainbow, a solo exhibition by renowned UK based artist Eelus. Balancing the opposing forces of the humorous and macabre, vivid color and stark grey scale, Eelus’ work brings the beautiful and sometimes caustic realities of the world together.

Drawing inspiration from pop culture, film, design and art history, Eelus’ new paintings and prints continue to play and provoke. The artist sites the “dark and fantastic vision” of artists and writers such as Aubrey Beardsley and William Blake as contributors to his complex visual language. Akin to Beardsley, Eelus revels in a dark humor and detailed, textured figures. Eelus utilizes romantic art history references, classical themes and archetypes throughout the show. Layered with these historical elements is a contemporary color palette influenced by digital aesthetics and graphic work.

Central stark figures, often melancholic women, are limned in a riotous display of joyous color further coupling the dissonant elements within the work. Many of the his figures are draped and entwined in networks of rainbow colored threads suggesting the entanglement and necessity of light and dark.

An early member of the street-art bastion Pictures on Walls, Eelus is a contemporary of Banksy, Shepard Fairey, Hush, and many other artists who started in one color stencils. With a decade long career, Eelus has worked on numerous murals, extensive exhibitions and projects include Santa’s Ghetto, London, Wide Open Walls in Gambia, and Blackbook Gallery in the US.