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Through the Veil new works by Tatiana Suarez & Craww 10/03/13 – 10/26/13

Spoke Art is proud to present, “Through the Veil” – a two person exhibition featuring new paintings by Tatiana Suarez (Miami) and Craww (UK) which will debut on Thursday, October 3rd at our Sutter St. gallery location. Though both artists draw from different inspirations, Tatiana being from Miami and Craww being from Sheffield in the UK, the two artists’ depiction of the female form both represent a fragile and haunting subject, albeit with distinct stylistic differences.

Tatiana’s subjects, doe-eyed vixens depicted through a traditional pop-surrealism lens, expand on the artist’s South American heritage with a tropical palate of greens and yellows, interacting with the flora and fauna of the rainforest. The artist’s history as muralist, painter and illustrator come together much like an “ajiaco”, a traditional stew comprised of diverse ingredients, to inform her new body of oil and acrylic paintings on paper and canvas.

Craww, who was born and raised in the United Kingdom, creates haunting and beautiful works. His subjects have a delicate fragility, depicted with extended matchstick limbs, entwined in a bed of ravens and roses, both recurring elements found throughout his paintings. His women are shown primarily with their eyes closed (a stark contrast to Tatiana’s), resting in what can be interpreted as either a peaceful slumber or a welcome death.

For their second feature showing with the gallery, both artists have expanded on their traditional oeuvres: Craww has created several masterful works utilizing oil paints, a dynamic and evolutionary growth for the artist whose haunting imagery is benefitted even more so than usual by the new medium. Tatiana Suarez, informed by her recent stint in Brooklyn as well as several new mural projects, has grown in skill and imagery exponentially with this exhibition. Suarez has been showing with the gallery since the very beginning (our second show ever) and has quickly become a fan favorite.