Draag with Headband (Fantastic Planet) Enamel Pin


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Limited edition soft enamel pin by PSA Press.
  • 1.5" soft enamel
  • blue dye metal with 4 color fill
  • dual post, with butterfly clutches

Nothing else has ever looked or felt like René Laloux’s cutout stop motion animated marvel Fantastic Planet (La Planète Sauvage), a visually inventive work of science fiction released in 1973. The film is set on a distant planet called Ygam, where enslaved humans (Oms) are the playthings of giant blue native inhabitants (Draags). With its eerie, surreal animation by Roland Topor; brilliant psychedelic jazz score by Alain Goraguer; and wondrous creatures and landscapes, this Cannes-awarded counterculture classic is a perennially compelling statement against conformity and violence.

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