Tom Luther - "Film on Canvas" book


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Artist: Tom Luther
Title: "Film on Canvas" If Fine Artists Made Movie Posters
Medium: 144 page hardcover book

DropMag  and Printed in Blood are proud to present the first of hopefully many  artbooks under this collaboration. This first book is based on on one of  the questions that all interviewees of the Dropcast Movie Poster Podcast get:   

"What classical/fine artist would you like to have seen make a movie poster and which movie would it be?" 

The results of asking this question have evolved into this 144-page book project that includes 30 artists that have been on the podcast in some sort of capacity and have all responded to that question.  Just imagine if Pablo Picasso had created a "Fight Club" poster or Leonardo da Vinci would have created a UK quad poster for "The Avengers".

These 30 new pieces of art created for this volume are incredible and are not only something for movie and tv lovers, they also cater to the world of fine art as all of the  included artists have attempted to simulate the style of a  fine artist in their brand-new poster creations.

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