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Spoke SF is pleased to present Bait, a solo exhibition by Dallas-based sculptor and painter Dan Lam. Continuing her exploration of color and form, this latest body of work expounds on the artist’s conversation with her medium and interest in the relationships between her sculptures.

Experimenting with new materials and layers, Lam’s latest pieces have evolved from singular organisms to colonies interacting and revealing their anatomy. Moving across and with each other, the sculptures in Bait evoke science fiction creatures in a visceral state between consumption and consummation.

The engaging yet oddly unsettling sculptures employ the artist’s fascination with color theory. Each piece is created in a specific palette that references poisonous fish and amphibians. At once beckoning the viewer to touch but also warning of danger, Dan Lam’s sculptures vibrate with curiosity and questions that are never fully satiated.

On view October 7-28th, 2017