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Natural Habitat
dual artist exhibition by Jeremy & Jayde Fish
On View: June 2nd - 23rd, 2018

Spoke NYC is pleased to present Natural Habitat, a dual person exhibition by San Francisco-based artists Jeremy and Jayde Fish. Natural Habitat will be their inaugural exhibition at Spoke NYC, in which they both look towards the past and present to draw inspiration from their lineage of artisanal histories, memories and interpersonal relationships.

Jeremy Fish’s body of work  draws inspiration from his ancestors, looking to the master craftsmen and creatives in his family. As an homage to his kin, Jeremy Fish has created a series of pen and ink drawings in his signature vintage anthropomorphic style, working in a limited palette of black, white, yellow and sepia. 

Jayde Fish’s work references memories of her past as well as stories of adventures that she has taken along the way. Her grandmother instilled a deep appreciation for intricate detail and this influence is readily apparent in Jayde Fish’s ink drawings, who uses meticulous line work to  create complex cage like animals and structures. The artist’s highly stylized environments appear to be from an alternate realm full of surreal adventures featuring unicorns, aliens and elaborate fashion.